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Top > BL Characters


BL Characters


This the current list of insert characters that we have for the BL-Game project. Note that, occasionally, the PC and NPC line will be crossed. This list indicates the more prominent playable status of that character.





"Clean Versions" are for those who know what the heck they are doing. Please don't screw things up and make things hard to decipher.


Are you having trouble finding level ranges for your skills? Check here.

Are you having trouble finding TP/MP costs for your skills? Check here.


Recruitable Characters (PCs)

A. BL-tan

  1. Cade (description) (Initial Design Art) (Tonfa art [top-right])
  2. Delirium Elephant
  3. Depletion Garden
  4. NoodleKnight
  5. Kaorin
  6. Raf
  7. BD
  8. Zophar Ecksington
  9. Konoha
  10. Constanze
  11. kiryuu=rekka
  12. O. Hakubi
  13. Manah
  14. Royal Knight

B. EvoSpace (Overseer of the Universe)



Plot-related Characters (NPCs) - NPC List**

  1. CaptainOverkill
  2. Depletion Garden
  3. EmagEvil
  4. EvoSpace (Overseer of the Universe)
  5. Floogy
  6. kalus (lain102300)
  7. kiryuu=rekka
  8. linalys, The Sage of Clarity
  9. Narrator-1
  10. Royal Knight
  11. sssssz (Mad Sage) (description)


Forumite Bosses (NPCs)

  1. Altrael (Role Info) (Initial Design Art) (Appearance, Equipment, Stats and Skills)
  2. Depletion Garden (description) (Skills) (Initial Design Art)
  3. kiryuu=rekka
  4. Konoha
  5. Royal Knight
  6. Ryuusoul
  7. sssssz (Mad Sage) (description)



  1. JSeabolt (description)
  2. SirRunOn (description, story)




List of dual and multiple techs in the game: Multitech

BD's Initial SD Concept Sketches

RK's chart of Relative Party Strengths.

RK's chart of Party Roles.

RK's chart of Join Timeline.

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