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Top > BL Game: Story Information

Story Information

This is where all information concerning the storyline will be placed.


Deity Information

A simple compiled list of Deities containing information about their shrine locations, relics, and qualities. More will be added to the list in the future.


Game Timeline

A bulleted timeline describing the events that happen in the game.


Game Timeline (Rough)

Rough draft of the timeline. This one has more plot points but is unrefined.


Revised Story Summary

A more formalized rough draft of the story.


Story Notes

Random notes on Story.



A list of definitions in progress. Currently has definitions of the Nothingness and Anti-Existance Energy.


Prologue Script1

Mirioki's version of the prologue script.


Groups and Factions

Groups and factions found within the BL World.


Prologue Script (ver Sae)

Sae's version of the prologue script. WIP.


Kyokushi's Wiki

Kyokushi's workplace. Has references and background information. Always WIP.

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