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Project Nekomimi Meido

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Definition: Creation of a user playable demo, target date to be redetermined. Will be user playable. Will NOT be the final design.


Scope: A working program that is free of critical bugs (i.e., no crashing of the computer and formatting user's hard drive). Covers the Prologue of the story, with slight revisions as needed. Will work with a full-featured field engine, and a stripped-down, no-extras engine for battles. A stripped-down version of battle mechanics created solely in the context of the Prologue and the demo. Will feature the pre-created music Kaorin created.


Risks (Rated 1 through 5).

  • Story: 1. Needs a script and scripter, which can be winged off pretty easily at this point. Thank ye, dear Sae.
  • Graphics: 5. Needs sprites and field objects, few of which are available.
  • Programming: 5. No programming is currently available to handle this.
  • Music: 2. Music is on hand. Needs more sound effects, but can be cobbled together with a relatively small amount of work.


Deadline: To be redetermined.



  • Story: Like the Fate trial, slight changes to the story so as to make it better.
  • Graphics: Full-featured effects and animations would be nice.
  • Programming: Effects, menu-system, and better mechanics would be a plus.
  • Music: Program music created specifically with the game in mind, possibly to become part of the final soundtrack. Improvement to sound effects.





To Do's

  1. Run through the script again, noting any changes we unofficially decided upon.
  2. Send the script through Sae, for editing and reworking.
  3. Send the script through Kyokushi/fact-checker.
  4. Proofread.


  • Compile list of NPCs. An exhaustive one.
  • For each and every NPC...
    1. Assign a name, if possible.
    2. Note the different times that the player can interact with the village in regard to plot points (Basically, the same blacksmith you talked to before will recognize you and have different dialogue when you talk to him again. Also, the same blacksmith will say and do things much differently when the fort is on being overrun later on in the story.)
    3. Write and catalog dialog.
    4. Send through Kyokushi/fact-checker for verification.
    5. Proofread.




Assignment List

Work Breakdown Schedule



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