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Prologue Script (ver Sae)

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Scene 1


Thug #1: Hey, look! It's a cosplayer!

Thug #2: Ah, you played that trick the last time. I'm not going to fall for that one again.

Thug #3: Besides, we're too busy in expendable minion-related activities. We can't spend all our time gawking at little girls, you know.

Thug #1: But...but she's so MOE! And so LOLI!

Thug #2: Cripes, would you keep it down? We talked to you about this already. No talk like that during work...hey. She is kinda cute.

Thug #3: And those cat ears! Cuddly stuff, that. Can I touch 'em?

BL-tan: ...Keep your hands to yourself.

BL-tan: ...if you still want to keep them, that is.

Thug #3: Eh, I just wanted to touch them. No need to get all riled up about it.

Thug #1: Wait, wait! I know this! She's being tsundere!

Thug #2: God DAMMIT, Tim, I told you, none of that crazy talk during expendable bad folk time! We're never going to be taken seriously if you keep up with that!

Thug #1: I was just pointing out--

Thug #3: Do you have a tail under there?


Tutorial Battle


Fadeout, punching and slashing sounds. Fade in with three unconscious bodies and BL-tan standing over them.


BL-tan: Look what you did. Now I'm all sweaty.

BL-tan kicks one of the thugs.

BL-tan: Riff-raff. If I wasn't that tired, I'd punch you in the nuts and cut your ears off to sell to the gypsy near the cow farm.

BL-tan resumes kicking the thugs.

BL-tan: Do you feel that? I'm kicking you. Feel it. Feel it, worm.

Old Man: Uh...

BL-tan: And here I was thinking I wouldn't run into any more trouble at least, before I get to the next town.

BL-tan: Goddamn random encounters.

BL-tan kicks the thugs more.

Old Man: Hey, thanks for--

BL-tan: Now, not only do I have to go find an inn with a vacancy, but an inn with a proper working hot spring. Do you realize how hard to find one of those in these dark, epic times? Huh? HUH?

BL-tan's kicking goes into overdrive.

Old Man: Uh, I think they've had enough already--

BL-tan: Now I'm getting even more sweaty. I hate you. I hate you.

Old Man: Young lady--!


BL-tan: ?

BL-tan turns towards the Old Man.

BL-tan: Oh, hey, jiji. You alright back there?

Old Man cringes at the nickname.

Old Man: I'm doing fine, I just need to get my breath back. I think you can stop kicking them now, they've learned their lesson.

BL-tan: Just a few more hits...there. Alright, I'm spent.

BL-tan helps the old man up.

BL-tan: You're not banged up all that bad, are you, Jiji?

Old Man: I...I don't suppose I am. Just a few scrapes.


BL-tan's face lights up.

BL-tan: Great. See, I'm trying to find my way to here...

BL-tan shows Old Man a brochure.

Old Man: ...DFC Federation?

BL-tan: PERVERT! I mean...oh, wrong brochure. Here it is.

Old Man: ...The Anti-Lolicon Alliance?

BL-tan: DON'T YOU START WITH ME, YOU SICK-- ah, dammit, wrong again. Here, this should be it.

Old Man: Tsundere Anonymous?

BL-tan grabs the brochure, tears it up, and opens her inventory.


Inventory Tutorial


BL-tan: Alright...selecting from my inventory... going to Key Items... brochures... ah, here we go. Why didn't I just select it in the first place instead of just pulling out brochures by random?

Old Man: Because it wouldn't be funny that way?

BL-tan: You say something, Jiji?

BL-tan hands over the brochure.

Old Man: ... Oh, this one. Yes, the First Cousin Lovers Club is at the other town--

BL-tan: ---!!

Old Man: Ha-ha. Kidding. The town you're searching for is down the road. In fact, you're almost a stone's throw away from it.

BL-tan: Thanks, I guess, Jiji.

Old Man: No problem. You take care of yourself now. And you dropped something.

BL-tan: I did?

BL-tan looks down, then gets her nose flicked by the Old Man.


BL-tan holds her nose, teary-eyed, and looks up. The Old Man is gone.

BL-tan looks at the screen, as the Old Man peeks from a nearby tree.

BL-tan: Gee, I sure hope he's not just behind me and hiding behind a tree! That would totally ruin his mysterious exit!

Old Man takes the hint and explodes in a bright green flash of light, leaving a crater.

BL-tan: Heh. Crazy old Jiji.


Kyokushi's Notes

  • BL-tan didn't loot the bandits.
  • We get a tutorial battle here? Not at the tests in the castle?
  • Why would BL-tan carry DFC Federation posters around?
  • What's up with the nose flicking?
  • No major fact inconsistencies were found. Green light from me.



Scene 2

BL-tan: Well, would you look at that. Jiji did point me to the right direction. Not bad for a crazy coot.

BL-tan looks at the guard post blocking her way.

BL-tan: Tch, how inconvenient, someone put a guard post here.


BL-tan blinks.

Guard: Oh, it's just a little girl. You really should be getting along, you don't want to stay after curfew--

BL-tan: What did you say?

BL-tan glares at the Guard.


BL-tan kicks the guard in the shin.

BL-tan: Don't answer that. A rhetorical question.

Guard: Ow.

BL-tan: Now, I heard that this particular outpost is looking to hire. I assume that there's been a drought in manpower recently.

Guard winces.

Guard: Oh, you mean the brochures we passed around? Yeah, we're a bit understaffed at the moment. Apparently being "all that you can be" - as the ads put it - isn't all that it's cracked up. To be.

BL-tan: Right.

Guard: Well, in any case, I ca take you to the Captain. He's kind of the supervisor of the soldiers - he doesn't really do any soldiering, but he's in a position of authority. Plus he gets to order us around.

BL-tan: Sure. Lead the way.

BL-tan and the Guard walk off-screen.


Guard: ...hey, are those real cat ears?

Punching sound.

Guard: Ow. Touchy.

BL-tan: Don't push it.

Guard leads BL-tan to the Captain.

Guard: Captain, there's someone here who wants to join our merry band--

Captain: God's sake, Wilson, we're soldiers, not brigands in tights. Let's get the terminology straight. It's "company." Maybe even "battalion." Never "merry band." Because we're not all that damn happy, now are we?

Guard: Y-yes, sir. Very well, sir.

BL-tan: ...


Captain: And who's this? Wilson, you know we don't condone these sort of activities here.

Guard: You seem to misunderstand, sir. She's the new recruit. Says she wants to help out.

Captain: Is that so? Isn't she... a bit young, there?

Guard: I didn't know we had any age limits, sir. I got into this joint when I was fifteen.

Captain: There's age limits and there are age limits. We can't send little tots on battles, can we? Then again, since we're in these fragile times of war and strife, I'll make an exception. You, with the poofy ears.

BL-tan's ears twitch.

BL-tan: Yeah?

Captain: You're on the payroll if you can knock four of my best men unconscious.

BL-tan: ... Do I really have to?

Captain: Company policy.


BL-tan choice time!

  1. Fine, I'll do your damn test.
  2. Why four? Why not five? (harder test option)
  3. Give me five minutes and then we'll talk.


When choice number 1 is picked (or 2)


BL-tan: ...and I'm ready.

Captain: Well, that was fast. Alright, here they are. Oh, you don't need to hold back, my boys can take it.

BL-tan: I plan not to.

Ja-jaaan! Mini-boss battle! Unfortunately BL-tan cuts them all down like they're made of papier-mache.

Captain: FLAWLESS VICTORY! I mean...erm. Very nicely done.

BL-tan flips her hair to the side arrogantly.

BL-tan: It was nothing.

Captain: Unfortunately, I wasn't really expecting you to go through them that easily, so I'll have to thrown in a fifth soldier for you to fight.

BL-tan frowns.

BL-tan: Tch, fine. Who is it, then?

Captain: Let's see....hey, you. Yes, you, with the overpolished armor, blue cape, luxurious white hair. Yeah, you in the corner.

BL-tan: ...

RoyalKnight: ... you called, Captain?

Captain: Yes, I bloody well did. Not a lot of us who can keep our hair like that, nor have the time to polish our armor so it looks like the ass of a brand new kettle. Unsheathe your sword and fight her in combat.

RoyalKnight and BL-tan look at each other.

BL-tan looks away, frowning, a blush on her cheeks.

RoyalKnight: ... You're not serious, are you, Captain?

Captain: What is it with people questioning everything I say? I'm not Captain for nothing, you know. I earned this rank, and whatever I say, you are going to bloody follow! It's the way the chain of command works!

RoyalKnight: ::grumbles :: Still, Captain, I object. She's too young to be involved in battle, and I---

Captain: She beat up four of my men. I think she's old enough to take care of herself.

RoyalKnight: You mean... Solomon and the others? But they just said a monster attacked them---

Captain: A monster with poofy cat ears.

RoyalKnight: Ahhh, huh... I see. That's... quite interesting.

BL-tan: Well, are we going to fight or are you just going to stand there?

RoyalKnight: Young miss, as much as I would be honored to indulge you in combat---GAH!

RoyalKnight barely blocks the knife with his sword.

BL-tan: Did you see that coming? No, you didn't.

RoyalKnight: Tch. You're a rather quick one.

BL-tan: Think I'm still underage, then?

RoyalKnight: Unfortunately, yes. I will not fight against someone who does not understand the true meaning and honor of combat---

BL-tan hits RK across the face with her knife, giving him a small scratch on his cheek.

RoyalKnight: ---FUCK!

BL-tan: Come on, nancy boy.

RoyalKnight: Hmmph. I guess I have no choice.


Begin mini-boss battle!


BL-tan: Heh. I win.

RoyalKnight: Ugh... con... gratulations...

BL-tan looks down on RoyalKnight and leans forward.

BL-tan: I could get used to this.

RoyalKnight: Hmm... used to what?

BL-tan: ... Nothing. Thanks for the workout.

BL-tan stands up.

Captain: *flashes BL-tan a thumbs down*

BL-tan: ... No, I'm not going to kill him.

Captain: Heh heh...I was only kidding anyway.

Captain (to RoyalKnight): What was that, losing to a girl with cat ears? You're going to make us the laughing stock of the entire realm!

RoyalKnight: She's a formidable opponent, Captain, and truly a better fighter. I have no regrets losing to someone superior to me.

Captain: Well, I'm beginning to have regrets of my own! Having a cat girl in my company...

BL-tan: You shouldn't really talk about people when they can hear you clearly, you know.

Captain: W-what? Oh, no, we were talking about some other catgirl. Ha-ha, yes, definitely not you. Right, RoyalKnight

RoyalKnight: Yeah, whatever you say, CAPTAIN.

RoyalKnight picks himself up and leans against a wall.


Captain: I-in any case, welcome aboard. Congratulations on finally being all that you can be. You are now part of the team that always serves and protects, that's ARMY STRONG, that's--

BL-tan: Where's the bath?

Captain: Uh, you mean the hot springs? A few blocks from here.

BL-tan: Thanks. How much am I being paid again?

Captain: 50 golds per hour.

BL-tan frowns.

BL-tan: That's not enough golds.

Captain: Well, that's the highest we pay here. Not as high as the guards over at the Pleasure Bastion, but they get to put up with icky stuff over there, so...

BL-tan grumbles.

Captain: And for your next assignment, you'll be guarding the North Tower.

Captain looks at RoyalKnight.

Captain: You'll be her guard buddy.

RoyalKnight: B-but...

Captain: No objections! I've had enough with people undermining my authority as it is!

RoyalKnight curses under his breath.

BL-tan: Alright, I'll report in for duty in a little bit. You can go on ahead.

Captain: Eh? Where are you going?

BL-tan: Picking up some supplies. I just got here, and I don't plan on going on guard duty on an empty stomach.

Captain: ...Alright, permission to leave the camp granted. Don't stay out too long, though--

BL-tan leaves before the Captain could finish.

Captain:--right. Carry on, then.


Fade out, and player regains control of BL-tan. Exploration of town!


Item Shop


Item Seller: Welcome, stranjah! What're ya buyin'?

BL-tan: A phonetics book to straighten your horrible pronounciation and accent. No wonder people don't buy from you.

Item Seller: If you ain't buyin' anythin', away with ya! We're closed for your ilk!

BL-tan: I didn't want to buy anything anyway! This is meta-game!


Weapon Shop


Weapon Seller: Welcome, stranjah! What're ya buyin'?

BL-tan: ...WHAT.

Weapon Seller: Diversification! I sell items in one shop, and weapons in the otha'. Twice the income!

BL-tan: Well, I know, but...wouldn't it be easier to hire a help to take care of this shop, rather than run from one shop to the next all the time?

Weapon Seller: ...

BL-tan: ...

Weapon Seller: If you ain't buyin' anythin', away with ya! We're closed for your ilk!

BL-tan: I wasn't going to buy anything anyway! MY EQUIPMENT'S UPGRADED!




Innkeeper: Welcome to the Mana Inn, for all your Mana needs!

BL-tan: ...

BL-tan: ... Something tells me I should look for another place to stay later.

Innkeeper: We have double-bed rooms, and for the more adventurous, the king-size and queen-size bed rooms! You can sleep a whole harem in a bed with them!

BL-tan: ...I should really look for some place else to stay...

Innkeeper: And after you're done and want to wash the entire night away from your body, you can do so at the luxury of our hot springs, conveniently located at the back of the inn!

BL-tan:...how much for a double-bed room?


Random NPCs


Soldier: Dammit, I hate PT.

BL-tan: I'm sure you do.


Woman: Oh, you've got the cutest cat ears! I wonder if my boyfriend will like it if I had them too?

BL-tan: Your boyfriend is a sick, sick individual.


Old man: Oh, I had a daughter that wanted cat ears once. I forgot where she is now...

BL-tan: ...


Fade in to a scene of RK standing watch inside the north tower, looking out the window. BL-tan is finishing her dinner.


BL-tan: Is it always this uneventful in guard duty?

RoyalKnight: If it wasn't, everyone would be volunteering for it, it probably wouldn't be called guard duty, would it?

BL-tan: Guess not.

BL-tan leans back on her chair and puts her feet up on the table.

BL-tan: I was hoping it'd be exciting, at least.

RK continues reading and writing on some sort of journal-ish thing.

RoyalKnight: Mm-hmm.

BL-tan looks over at RK.

BL-tan: What're you doin'--gah, I mean, what's that you're doing?

RoyalKnight: Something I do on guard duty. Keeps the hours short.

BL-tan: A diary of some kind, eh?

RoyalKnight:...you could say that.

RK closes the book and keeps it.

BL-tan: I used to know a person who could have used something like a journal. He probably would have remembered things he should have, if he kept one.

RoyalKnight: I see.


BL-tan sighs, stands up, and drags her chair over to RK's side. She sits down beside him.

BL-tan: I think we got off on the wrong foot. My name is BL-tan.

Bl-tan holds out her hand.

RK hesitates, then holds out his hand to shake BL-tan's.

RoyalKnight: Very well. My name is RoyalKnight. A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Miss BL-tan.

BL-tan: Just BL-tan is fine.

RoyalKnight: I see. BL-tan, then.

RoyalKnight:...begging your pardon, but what does 'BL' stand for?

BL-tan: Heh. We're guard buddies, but we're not that close yet. That's privileged information.

BL-tan takes a flask of whisky from the inside of her coat and offers it to RK.

BL-tan: Here. You look kinda pale, so I'll let you have the first swig.

RoyalKnight: ...Thank you.


Fade out to black, then fade in again. BL-tan and RK's portraits are more relaxed, and with light pink tinges on their cheeks.


BL-tan: So you have weird dreams often, eh?

RK nods.

RoyalKnight: And they're usually pretty vivid. Well, the ones I can remember.

BL-tan: Dreams rarely mean anything nowadays. People come up with the silliest things, like they actually mean things, when they really don't.

BL-tan: It's just something you probably ate.

BL-tan giggles.


RoyalKnight: My turn, I believe, to ask a question?

BL-tan: Shoot.

RoyalKnight: What are you doing here? So close to the danger... it's not someplace proper for a lady to be seen in.

BL-tan's portrait changes from smiling to contemplative.

BL-tan: It's... hard to explain. I haven't really thought about it. It's just something I felt like I was born to do, that I was connected in some way to this whole... mess. And I never really thought of where or what I should've been - after all, I'm hardly what you call typical.

BL-tan: All I know is that I'm searching for something. Who or what, I don't know. But I know I have to keep going to find it, whatever or whoever it is.

RoyalKnight: ... I see.


BL-tan: My turn?

RoyalKnight: By all means.

BL-tan: What are you in this stint for? The usual things, I guess? Money, travel, to serve and protect?

RoyalKnight: ... Perhaps. I have never seen myself as... as a farmer, for one thing. But, for one such as myself, I could not ask for anything lesser than being a Saber Knight and fighting for those ideals.

RoyalKnight: ... The occupation itself is honorable, and it's clean, honest work. But, to me, this is my calling, to throw myself at the enemy and protect my charges. And that calling is what I have followed.

BL-tan: So that's how it is.


RoyalKnight: My turn. I believe you've been asked this before, but... are... they real?

BL-tan's portrait changes from pensive to smiling.

BL-tan: I've been asked that a lot, and unfortunately, they are.

BL-tan: You can touch 'em if you want. Just once, though.

RK stands up and walks over to BL-tan.


Slap sound.


RoyalKnight: Ow.

BL-tan: HA! You didn't think I'd let you touch them, did you?

RoyalKnight: N-no, I imagine you wouldn't.

BL-tan: Although, honestly, I can't imagine why people would want to. After all, you don't see other people suddenly touching other people's ears, do you?

BL-tan grumbles. Cue necessary portrait change.

BL-tan: These things are more trouble than they're worth.

RoyalKnight: I... I see. I can't say I can truly empathize, seeing as I've never had such... as you say, inconveniences, but I've always believed people shouldn't hate their own qualities. It is, after all, a part of yourself and your heritage.

BL-tan:...heritage, eh?

RoyalKnight: Indeed so.

BL-tan looks out the window.

BL-tan stands up and curls up on the small cot in the corner of the room.

BL-tan: Game's over. I'll be catching some shut-eye. Loser gets to keep watch.

RoyalKnight: L-loser? I didn't know we were even playing a game---!

BL-tan mews softly in her sleep.

RoyalKnight: ... Good night, BL-tan.

RK sits on the chair, takes out his book, and resumes reading/writing.


Fade out to black.


Notification: The party's HP/MP is restored!





Scene 3

Fade in to dramatic action-y music.


RoyalKnight: BL-tan! Miss BL-tan!

BL-tan: N-nya--? I mean, uh, what?

RoyalKnight: Security has been compromised. South Tower is under attack, and the enemy is flooding through the breaches -- we have to get going and help.

BL-tan: Figures. The first chance I get to sleep indoors, and the entire place goes to pot.

BL-tan gets out of bed.

BL-tan: Lead the way, then.


Notification: RK has temporarily joined your party!


Both RK and BL-tan make their way to the South Tower. People are DYING.

They find the Captain engaged in MORTAL COMBAT with a Dark Knight.

Captain: Die, monster! You don't belong in this world!

Dark Knight: Well, actually, I was supposed to be stationed somewhere else, but hey. Pillaging opportunity.

Captain: Makes sense. BLUHAAARGH my spleen!

Dark Knight: Match point, BITCH!

RoyalKnight: CAPTAIN!

Dark Knight: Mmh. Shiny armor. Long, luxurious hair. I'm not too familiar with your guys' rankings, but you look important enough to be killed.

Captain: RoyalKnight! Girl with cat ears! Evacuate the village and tell the other soldiers to escape---!

BL-tan: You killed my direct superior - even before he could give me my first week's salary!

BL-tan points her knife at the Dark Knight.

BL-tan: I'll cut you! For the Captain!

Captain: Well, I'm not really dead yet---

RoyalKnight: BL-tan, maybe we should---

Dark Knight: Oh, I'm so scared. Not really, but I probably am, since you can't tell from my helmet. I'm mysterious like that.

BL-tan: Shut up! By the time I'm through with you, people will be using your helmet as a bedpan!

Captain: Hah, burn.


Ja-jaaan! Mini-boss fight. RK and BL-tan easily finish off the Dark Knight.


BL-tan:... Wow, I didn't think it'd be that easy.

RoyalKnight: Hmmph. Quite.

Dark Knight: Gack! Well, I acknowledge your superior strength...it seems my own deity has abandoned me in my time of need...

Dark Knight falls down to one knee.

Dark Knight: Be careful, Knight with the girly hair. While putting your faith on a deity may prove to be your strongest weapon, it could prove to be your biggest crutch as well...

Dark Knight falls flat on his face.


Dark Knight dissolves into black smoke.


RoyalKnight: ...

BL-tan: Well, that takes care of that.

RoyalKnight: ...

BL-tan: ... You're not seriously believing the word of an enemy, are you? Besides, I don't think Saber would turn her back on her followers. It's not like her to.

RoyalKnight: ... Girly hair?

BL-tan: ...

BL-tan: Now that you mention it, the hair does look a bit feminine.

RoyalKnight makes a face. -_-#

RoyalKnight: ... Let's just get going.

BL-tan and RK leave.

Captain: ...Yeah, thanks for leaving your DIRECT SUPERIOR OUT HIGH AND DRY!


Fade out to black.


Fade-in to BL-tan and RK standing in the midst of panicking villagers and soldiers.


Soldier: Everyone evacuate! But in a less panicky way!

BL-tan: Well, I guess there's no point in staying here.

BL-tan: Pity, I wanted to take a nice long bath...

BL-tan and RK try to leave through the East Gate. It's crammed with people.

RoyalKnight: We can't just leave, we have to help them---

BL-tan turns to RK and sighs.

BL-tan: Oh, right, I forgot. You're a Knight.

RoyalKnight: I'm glad you remembered.

BL-tan: But they're doing just fine! See, they're all being evacuated in an orderly fashion. And it doesn't look like they need helping, do they?


Both RK and BL-tan watches in silence as the soldier runs past them.

BL-tan: Is it too much to ask for things to swing my way when I'm arguing a point...?

BL-tan: Fine, let's go. To the South Gate, then.


Fade out to black.


Fade in to BL-tan and RK's path being blocked by none other than the Mad Sage, or Jiji.


BL-tan: --!!


BL-tan: Jiji! What are you doing here, you old coot?

RoyalKnight: ---!!!

Old Man: Oh, it's the sweet young lady from earlier. I'm glad you found your way here safely.

BL-tan's portrait changes into a grinning one.

BL-tan: Yeah. Thanks for pointing me to the right direction, Jiji. I--

RoyalKnight: YOU!

RoyalKnight: I should have known you would have been behind this... Raze enough towns, oh foul one?

Old Man: Wow, that guy's pretty high-strung. How'd you end up with him?

BL-tan: Long story.

BL-tan pulls on RK's sleeve.

BL-tan: Hey, what's the big idea? I thought Knights weren't supposed to call old people rude names---

RoyalKnight: ... Don't be fooled, BL-tan. He's no more an ordinary senior citizen than a certain maid is a woman.

RoyalKnight: He is... the Mad Sage.

BL-tan: Mad Sage? Come on. You've got to be kidding.

BL-tan: Ne, Jiji, my friend here says you're some kind of crazy mage. That's stupid, right?

Old Man:...

Old Man: I'm afraid he's right, young lady. I'm sorry for the smoke and mirrors, but he is in fact saying the truth.

Old Man: Yes, I am the Mad Sage. Although I'd much rather prefer the term Crazy, Mad seems to give me a more serious tone.

BL-tan: ...

BL-tan portrait change to one with her head down and her eyes shadowed by her hair.

BL-tan: I see.


RoyalKnight: There seems to be no end to your madness and destruction, Sezzy. I see time away hasn't changed you one bit.

Mad Sage: What can I say? It's a labor of love.

Mad Sage: Speaking of which...

Mad Sage gestures, and the whole screen shakes as a Chaos Beast charges BL-tan and RK from behind, trapping them in the middle of the barred South Gate and it.

Mad Sage: Choo-Choo Bear here has been drooling all over himself for some attention. Make him feel at home, would you?

Mad Sage steps forward. RK takes hold of his sword and prepares to unsheathe.

Mad Sage reaches out with a hand and pets BL-tan's ears.

Mad Sage: Nothing personal, child.

BL-tan doesn't move as the Mad Sage walks away, offscreen, heading to the center of the town.

BL-tan: Jiji...

RoyalKnight: BL-tan, are you alright...? We have to---

The screen shakes again as the Chaos Beast roars at them.

BL-tan: You'd better run, Jiji. Because by the time I carve up your little pet into neat little bite-sized pieces, I'm coming for you myself.

RoyalKnight: ...BL-tan...


Ja-jaan! Mid-boss fight! Unfortunately the Chaos Beast is made out of rubber and helium. It's a difficult fight, but they both manage to pop it.


RoyalKnight: BL-tan! Wait!

BL-tan runs ahead of RK.

BL-tan: Keep up! He might still be there!

BL-tan and RK make their way to the center of the town. The Mad Sage is there, surrounded by blood and dead bodies.

RoyalKnight: How horrible...

Mad Sage: Oh, dear. I'm sorry you had to see this. Things got a bit messy.

BL-tan: I thought I could trust you, Jiji. Turns out you're just another evil maniac with a crazy plan.

Mad Sage: It just goes to show that you should be careful of whom you trust, young lady. Which begs the question: is that knight you're gallivanting around with worthy of your trust, too?


RoyalKnight tilts his head forward and away, shielding his eyes with his hair. (Portrait change)

RoyalKnight: ...

BL-tan looks at RK, opens her mouth to say something, but doesn't and leaps at the Mad Sage to attack.

RoyalKnight: --- BL-tan!

RK rushes in as well.


Ja-jaaan! BOSS FIGHT, BITCHES! Unfortunately our heroes get their posteriors handed to them by the Mad Sage.


Fade to black.


Mad Sage: I'm sorry that you had to get mixed up in this. Truly, I am. But the wheels have started to turn, and like the hem of a skirt that's worn too low, it's stuck in the escalator wheels of fate and you're being taken along for the ride. What happens beside the gratuitous panty-shot remains to be seen - but take this as a fresh start in a road where you will be able to help save this realm, and the others with it.

Mad Sage: Oh, and I've sealed away all your abilities. Have fun.




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